About my photography

I am perfectly happy to capture a moment or an object just as it is.  Those photos are great documents of things; some ordinary, some amazing, some particularly memorable or of personal importance.  But I often strive to capture an emotion through the picture.  Like any other form of art, that is the greater challenge: to send this message, idea, or feeling without being too literal in its presentation.  A photo of a mountain, for example, is beautiful on its own.  But conveying the sense of being in its presence via a one-dimensional photograph doesn't always do it justice.  I believe I have an artistic eye for a special photo, and I do my best to present not just images, but the feelings they inspire in me.  I hope they inspire others, too.   

A few notes on ordering prints:

  • I am always taking pictures; as such, the galleries on my site may change from time to time.  Please visit again to check for new images!
  • If you'd like to see if I have any photos of a place, plant or animal, or anything else that you don't see here, contact me.  If I have something to match your interest, I will post it to a gallery and notify you personally.
  • At present, the purchase links on my site are set up to handle 11" x 14" (or 14" x 11") glossy photo prints. In the description of each photo, I detail several other ordering options (different sizes, glass, and canvas prints). If you see something here you'd like to order in a different size, print style (i.e. matte vs. glossy), or format (i.e. glass, metal, or canvas), let me know.  I'd be happy to produce a custom order for you!
  • All orders from this site are currently handled through PayPal.  Alternate payment methods may be considered at my discretion; please contact me if you'd prefer to purchase prints using an alternate method.